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Dangerous Men and Game Theory

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Because women are so rarely a threat to men, heterosexual men are used to treating the women they are flirting with or dating as though they are in a cooperative game where the players trust each other, and the objective of cooperative games is to achieve fairness. This is why men complain that when women treat them as though they could be dangerous, the most common complaint is that women are being unfair, i.e. breaking the cooperative game.

In the dating game, men have a Shapley value; women have a Nash Equilibrium.

Because some men have bad intentions and most men have the physical strength and social capital to abuse women, women cannot deal with men the way men deal with women. Women's Nash equilibrium has to be to treat all men as dangerous. This introduces a lot of inefficiencies into the dating game, which men blame on women seeking safety, rather than blaming on other men.

This is at the heart of the Not All Men/Yes All Women debate.
Sep. 22nd, 2017 04:18 pm

Miracle Fruit Party

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I want to have a lemon-eating party once the house is done being rearranged, but there's a lot that's going to go into this. So I'm going to keep a list here of the stuff that I want to do. If you even read this journal, you are, of course, invited.

  • order miracle fruit tablets
  • buy juices: pomegranate, cranberry, sour cherry
  • H-Mart for best fruit selection
  • buy lemons, limes, oranges, pineapple strawberries, grapefruit, peaches, apples, figs, raspberries
  • collard greens, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles
  • beer, wine,
  • yogurt, dark chocolate
  • make coffee, black tea, green tea
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    Hello All,

    Have been watching trailers for Kingsman the Golden Circle and my brain went what if the Mag 7 boys were Statesman? In the movie, the Statesman agents are named after Liquor. Agent Champagne...Agent Tequila...Agent Whiskey....Agent Ginger Ale which got me to thinking, What would the 'Boys' agents names be? Below are the names which came to me.

    Orin Travis - Agent Cognac

    Chris Larabee - Agent Malt

    Vin Tanner - Agent Rye

    Buck Wilmington - Agent Rum

    Ezra Standish - Agent Bourbon

    Josiah Sanchez - Agent Gin

    Nathan Jackson - Agent Brandy

    J.D. Dunne - Agent Irish

    Also below is a little snippet of a Mag 7 Statesman AU crossover with Kingsman the Golden Circle inspired by two scenes in a Kingsman 2 trailer found at:

    "You want one too. I can see it in your eyes, Vin." said the youngest and newest Statesman, J.D. Dunne.

    Vin tore his eyes from the video playing on the laptop screen and scowled at him.

    "Doubt that Jack, I mean Agent Whiskey wants to share his. And I haven't heard of it being offered to any of the other agents. But yeah, I would love an electric lasso like the one he has."

    Maybe Agent Cognac can ask Agent Champagne if you can be fitted with one as well, answered J.D.

    Vin mulled that thought over and replied, "Maybe, Orin is our regional supervisor. I'll ask Chris about it."

    J.D. settled into the chair next to Vin's and hit the replay button on the screen. "Do you think, Agent Malt is going to be very angry with me for hacking into Agent Ginger Ale's video feed and downloading it to our private server?"

    Vin shrugged and answered, "Depend's on how angry she is and how much Director Champagne complains to Agent Cognac. Though I hope you're packed, cause I think we'll all be flying to Kentucky tomorrow."

    Hope you are all doing well. :D
    Sep. 20th, 2017 01:16 pm

    Looking Back

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    1) I loved this article in the latest issue of TWC. It seems to me it's right on the money of how this particular approach to fanworks has been both overlooked and what it means that there's been no focus on it.

    It also has made me want to re-read my own doctoral thesis for the first time since it was finished. Read more... )

    2) Speaking of the TWC article, I hadn't seen this news story quoted before but it was an interesting read. I particularly loved the conclusion that these older fans obsessed with the future were pretty unconnected to the actual future of their fandoms.

    2) Thanks to Paula for sending me a tip on this documentary about the NY Public Library system. Hopefully it will come to Netflix or someplace I can see it.

    3) Thanks to the free Starz week through Comcast, I watched all of the White Princess. I don't have much to say about it as I think it was a watered down version of the White Queen, which seemed to do more with costuming and production values, as well as writing, than this one. Two things are particularly odd Read more... )

    4) I was also able to finish off Black Sails. I think it ended at the right time. Read more... )

    Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that this series hasn't gotten way more attention or credit.

    5) Speaking of Black Sails, a friend has gotten as enthusiastic (perhaps even more so) about it as I have, and I thought of some pirate-style necklaces I could make for her. Here are some, along with a few others I put together recently. Read more... )
    Sep. 15th, 2017 11:35 pm

    Game Theory and Flirting

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    Now bear with me because you're going to need to watch that video or already have a grasp of the basics of game theory for this post to make sense.

    In heterosexual spaces, men come at approaching women and flirting as though the act is a cooperative game. They see the dynamic as establishing a consortium of two people dedicated to sharing a good time and they try to be entertaining to the woman in the dyad in order to promote fairness, but due to cultural biases are not generally very good at distributing attention fairly between themselves and women. Men believe that they are competing with other men for access to women, and treat other men as potential threats to themselves but not to women.

    Women come at being approached by men and the subsequent flirting as a competitive, zero sum game. They generally see men as seeking their attention and competing for attention within the conversation. Women believe that they are competing with other women for highly selected for men, but also as cooperating with other women to maintain safety and help out of awkward and unwanted situations. Women tend to be defensive players of this game since men represent a threat to them.

    This represents a fundamental and hard to communicate power imbalance.
    Sep. 14th, 2017 07:40 pm


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    1) A friend emailed me Tuesday telling me her father had died the night before. This is no longer an unusual circumstance as she's the fourth friend of mine to lose one or both parents already, while another has a mother in a nursing home and a sixth's parents are in clear decline. I lost my own father at 22 as part of a slow decline and my mother 12 years later very suddenly. Read more... )

    2) I saw a tweet regarding climate change denial which said in response to this, "So, when's the time? Xavier? Zooey?"

    3) The news that students who binge on online course content do better than those who don't hardly seems surprising. Chances are if you're binging you're either more interested in the content or more motivated in completing the course. I also suspect that it's easier to go through quickly because better students find the material to be easier and thus finish quicker.

    4) So it seems that news outlets are finally deciding that the Daily Show's format is one of the best ways to get news across and have started doing comedy videos. And what's even more amazing is that it isn't name checked once in that article.

    5) Speaking of the Daily Show's legacy, at least the creative Emmys are more on point with their awards. I got a particular laugh out of this win: Read more... )
    Sep. 11th, 2017 06:17 am

    Lindsey Stirling - Roundtable Rival

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    Hello All,

    I found this video by Lindsey Stirling that tells a story without words and set in the old west too. I enjoyed it immensely. Thought you might too. :D

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    Hello All,

    At the minute and minute 13 mark of the video below there is Agent Whiskey of the film using a weapon that made me think that Vin Tanner and Buck Wilmington might like one too. :D :D :D

    Sep. 10th, 2017 04:32 pm

    Missing Out

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    1) Alert to any The Magicians fans out there -- Lev Grossman did an online chat this weekend with some interesting details about the creation (and adaptation) of the books. Plus, this great quote:

    Janita Burgess: So there we go. Writing fanfic helps you grow as a person. =)

    *levgrossman: I believe that!

    2) Speaking of people who hadn't grown as a person, I watched Young Adult, a Diablo Cody movie with Charlize Theron. It's about a YA author, though there's not a whole lot about the work in the movie as opposed to the ticking biological clock as a central plotline. Read more... )

    3) I find the future predicted for broadcast radio in this report to be entirely plausible (though when they say radio, they seem to be focusing on music, which leads me to wonder if news/talk might not become the dominant form of content). Read more... )

    4) This look at which social media outlets people are getting their news from had some odd conclusions about growth. Granted it singled out the sites where there was double digit growth but Tumblr jumped 8 points in a year which seems rather significant. Read more... )

    5) "A recently leaked Facebook document indicated that the company had been touting to advertisers its ability to determine teens’ emotional state based on their on-site behavior, and even to pinpoint “moments when young people need a confidence boost.” Facebook acknowledged that the document was real, but denied that it offers “tools to target people based on their emotional state.” Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
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