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Jul. 21st, 2017 01:20 pm

Recs. Non-Recs and Nostalgia

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1) Late Goodbye by SecretlytoDream is a melancholy look at all the people the Winchesters have met and lost through their journey. But it has a hopeful ending.Read more... )

2) I know a number of people on my flist loved Sense8, so here's a celebratory vid to check out.

3) One of my favorite responses to the backlash surrounding the 13th Doctor Who.

4) A whistleblower is trying to get the Trump administration investigated for its reassignment of environmental staff at taxpayer expense to jobs they're unqualified for just to keep them from working on climate change matters. This includes addressing the disappearance of Alaskan villages into the sea.

5) We've been recording Battle of the Network Stars and while it's nothing I'd recommend to anyone, we've been finding it easy viewing during meals when Daily Show or Colbert aren't available. It has wisely, I think, chosen nostalgia as its calling card. Read more... )
Jul. 18th, 2017 05:13 pm

Free TV

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1) Thanks to the free HBO week, I was able to finish seeing Elizabeth I with Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons and Hugh Dancy. I was curious about how that project was developed because it seemed like they wanted to apply Shakespeare to her monarchy, which makes a good bit of sense. It was certainly quite the mix of personal and political problems, usually with the first becoming the second. It was also a rare case of an affair between an older woman and young man on TV.

2) The Casual Vacancy was also on the list. Read more... )

3) We also watched Westworld. In fact, I'd started watching it on my own but Mike got so interested in the bits he caught that we rewatched the episodes I'd already seen so he could catch up.Read more... )

4) As one could say this about more shows than not, the L.A. Weekly had a really interesting (if disturbing) story about the history of portraying sexual assault in film and TV and how poorly it's been approached for the sake of actors and crew.

"Still, that a director would brag about raping his co-star to publicize a film is mind-boggling. That critics don't seem to care is worse."

5) HT to Petzi for this link about TV cliffhangers. To this I would argue that TV programming is not movies -- it is by definition open ended, serialized. Even when hardly any shows had seriality there was still a certain continuity to it in terms of characters, certain past events, the premise. There was always the sense that something was not the end. Read more... )
Jul. 17th, 2017 04:50 pm

The Book Review Post

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1) Now and Then by Stephen Grecco. Read more... )

2) Breakaway by Avon Gale was a slow starter for me. Read more... )

3) I've read a few books by Josh Lanyon before and thought they were only ok. But I love mysteries and there's a limit to how many gay romance mysteries there are out there. So I gave another book a try, Fair Game. I quite liked this one and stayed up late to finish it! Read more... )

4) I was less thrilled with Snapdragon by Michelle Woody. Read more... )

5) I had liked Louise Penny's "Still Life" mystery, a gift from a friend. I tried out the second book, The Cruelest Month, and quite enjoyed it, although it certainly wasn't short on plot. Read more... )

Jul. 12th, 2017 07:15 pm

story, no ...

flamingsword: Aziraphale, the flaming sword, and Crowley (Default)
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It's developed a plot.
... help!

You love Natasha being awesome, I love Natasha being awesome. So why not make this character-focused story about Cap being suddenly female turn into a MASSIVE MISSIVE about Natasha being a spy? Yeah.

Because who doesn't love competence porn? I just have to write ... a lot. And quit quietly freaking out about it.
Jul. 11th, 2017 01:22 pm


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1) Like musicals? Like podcasts? Here's one for you then

2) This I did not know:

"Monopoly was really the last folk game. Board games tended to be like folk music. They would be created by people, and passed down from generation to generation, changing all the time. And Monopoly was really the last of those. Read more... )

3) Pretty fascinating what accumulated data can reveal, such as this tidbit:

"One example is if you apply for a loan, companies can predict whether you’ll pay back the loan just based on the words you use in your loan application. For example, if you use the word “God” in a loan request, you’re 2.2 times more likely to default, 2.2 times more likely not to pay it back. So a company could save money by not giving loans to people who end their requests with “God bless you,” which is pretty scary."

The potential medical applications are also fascinating.

4) I read the Vanity Fair article about Serena Williams and found it short on details and rather a puff piece. In fact it's generally their personal features that are more fawning and less interesting (whether it's about homes and decorating or celebrities). But there was one pretty riveting paragraph. Read more... )

5) I'd (apparently unsurprisingly) never heard of go-go music before: Read more... )
Jul. 9th, 2017 03:05 pm

The Movie Review Post

yourlibrarian: Giddy Willow (BUF-Giddy-samantha_78)
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1) I. Loved. Spiderman. First some non-spoilery comments (although I saw a gif of the end credits minutes after coming back from the theater on its opening day, so good luck with that... ) I think this movie killed it when it comes to the writing, casting and acting. I avoided reviews but I did see a comment that this was the first movie that actually got it right when portraying Peter as a high schooler (he explicitly says he's 15) . That's very true and that means that a completely different sort of story can be told.

One drawback is that this movie has a lot of story. That means that some characters get shortchanged. However, for a change it's not the villain who doesn't get developed. And I think that helps the movie a lot. What also helps is that the movie doesn't try to backtrack to recreate the origin story. Instead it just gives background on how Peter ends up in Berlin in Civil War. Otherwise, we get to move ahead -- a smart choice given the recency of the Garfield films.

The other drawback is the way that the movie is filmed. A lot of action scenes are so gyroscoped and blurry from rapid movement that you really couldn't tell what was happening (especially when the scene is taking place at night). Second, this movie needs to come with a warning about flashing lights as there is a 5 minute sequence with a plane where all the flashing was bothering me and I don't even have epilepsy. That effect seemed completely unnecessary to me.

Now for the spoilers )

I could probably go on as soon as I remember some other detail from the film, but in short if you're debating whether it's worth seeing yet another Spiderman movie, I'd say yes.

2) As a separate issue, when we went to see Wonder Woman we showed up minutes before the movie started and I didn't notice how the theater had rebranded. But we were earlier for Spiderman and took note that our theater has become an AMC.

When I went looking for info about the merger though, I saw information that was more eyebrow raising about both the reach of AMC and what it's trying to get Hollywood to do. Read more... )

3) We watched the movie Sully, which ended up not being about what I expected, though it certainly had interesting info I hadn't known about. Read more... )

4) We just saw Hidden Figures as well. I really liked it but don't have a lot to say otherwise. One way or another I'd learned about a good part of the plot already. But when Mike asked what I thought when it finished, my answer was "We need a lot more of these kinds of films."
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